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Our Patients Testimonials

For the first time since I was a teen, I could bare my legs in a short skirt without feeling self-conscious.”


“I felt pretty good the first 48 hours after my endovascular vein ablation but the next five days weren’t exactly pain-free, and I had to remind myself to take it slow. Four weeks later, I still have light bruising and some faint scars. Was it worth it? Definitely. I’m happy I dealt with my varicose vein sooner rather than later. Best of all, I feel confident wearing a skirt and comfortable in my skinny jeans.” 


"I was seen in the office about a month ago, and I could not be more pleased with my results. There was minimal wait time, and I was seen by a Dr. Sara. The Sclerotherapy injections were done in apprx 30 minutes, and I'll be returning soon for more. Highly recommended."


"I have been coming to the Advanced Skin & Vein Care Centers off and on for the past 2 years.
It was highly recommended to me by a friend. I had only once before gone to a vascular surgeon for spider vein injections, and I was unhappy with the result. So it was very refreshing to be more than satisfied with the results I have achieved at the Advanced Skin & Vein Care Centers; plus the atmosphere is so restful! The female staff are knowledgeable, supportive, and professional.


"Vein Visit. The office is a miracle worker!!! Seriously, my legs are so clear now, and there aren't little cracked purple spider veins anymore. Dr. Sara is such a friendly and helpful doctor, and the appointment was so thorough!! The office is very clean and relaxing"

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