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Rosacea is notable for both is commonality and surrounding lack of understanding. This disorder affects the the facial skin of an estimated 16 million Americans, but many of them do not know what it looks like or what can be done to treat it.. As baby boomers reach the most susceptible ages, rosacea is becoming more and more widespread, yet many Americans know nothing about this condition. The condition causes acne-like effects on the face, leaving sufferers with significant psychological, occupational, and social consequences. There is no known cure for rosacea, but it can be controlled.



The National Rosacea Society has conducted surveys on a number of rosacea sufferers. More than 75% reported lower self-confidence due to their condition. Over 40% said their symptons prompted them to cancel social engagements or avoid contact with others. Those patients with severe symptoms overwhelming responded that their symptoms adversely impacted their professional interactions. 51% of this group of respondents said that their condition caused them to miss work.



Doctors are still unsure of the causes of rosacea, and a cure has yet to be found. However, there are options available to help keep symptoms under control. Individuals are encourage to consult with dermatologist if they notice the following signs in order to treat the condition before symptoms become more severe:

  • Irritated or watery eyes

  • Facial pimples or bumps

  • Redness on the chin, nose, forehead, or cheeks

  • Visible blood vessels on the face


The Vein Care Center in Lexington Kentucky treats Rosacea effectively with Intense Pulse Light therapy (IPL) and a unique technology from Cutera called Laser Genesis. We also use Skinceuticals and Obagi products to treat Rosacea in conjunction with the laser treatment.

Rosacea Treatment
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