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Top Vein Specialists Providing Sclerotherapy In  Lexington, KY

Sclerotherapy is the most common treatment for both spider veins and varicose veins. The doctor uses a needle to inject a liquid chemical into the vein. The chemical causes the vein walls to swell, stick together, and seal shut. This stops the flow of blood, and the vein turns into scar tissue. In a few weeks, the vein should fade. This treatment does not require anesthesia and can be done in your doctor's office. You can return to normal activity right after treatment. The same vein may need to be treated more than once. Treatments are usually done every 4 to 6 weeks. You may be asked to wear gradient compression stockings after sclerotherapy to help with healing and decrease swelling. This treatment is very effective when done correctly.


Possible side effects include:

•Stinging, red and raised patches of skin, or bruises where the injection was made. These usually go away shortly after treatment.

•Spots, brown lines, or groups of fine red blood vessels around the treated vein. These also usually go away shortly after treatment.

•Lumps of blood that get trapped in vein and cause inflammation. This is not dangerous. You can relieve swelling by applying heat and taking aspirin. Your doctor can drain the trapped blood with a small pinprick at a follow-up visit.


What Can I Expect After My Treatment?
You can return to your normal activities right after your treatment. Some patients go back to work after being treated. Patients are told that they will look worse before they look better. With sclerotherapy, there is always bruising and clotting of treated veins. Some people clear up in 1- 2 treatments and some people require 5-6 treatments.


Post Sclerotherapy Care

• Resume normal activites as soon as you can
• Wear dressings or compression stockings as directed
• Elevate your legs as directed
• Walk every day
• Avoid strenuous activities as advised by your doctor
• Avoid hot tubs and whirlpools as advised by your doctor
• Protect the treated areas from sun exposure by using sun block
• Follow all instructions from your doctor


The Advanced Skin & Vein  Care Centers in Lexington and  Georgetown Kentucky provides comprehensive Sclerotherapy treatments using cutting edge non-infrared and ultrasonography guidance.  Call us at 859-5540519 for free consult.

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