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Your First Appointment: Examination and Ultrasound?

Typically, your first appointment is a consult and it is important not to wear creams or lotions on your legs. At this appointment, you will fill out the required paperwork. The doctor will do an examination of your legs and perform an ultra sound.

An ultra sound (US) is a noninvasive test that uses sound waves to create images. The US provides the doctor with detailed information about your venous system. The US will show blood flow, which will demonstrate where the reflux is occurring. Your doctor can easily determine where your veins are leaking and other serious vein conditions can be ruled out.

At your initial visit, the doctor may perform a few injections to test your response to the chemical solution used. Based on your response, the amount or type of chemical solution may be adjusted. Often times it takes multiple sessions for each leg. Pain is minimal or you may not have any pain during your treatment. Patients often report a slight burning or stinging sensation. The doctor may also test the laser or ohmic thermolysis on a spider vein to see how you react to these devices.

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